A Medical Spa with advanced technologies designed for your health, fitness and beauty!

Due to VICHY CELESTIN SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA Medical Spa’s Specificity and culmination, the most advanced technologies are put together to relieve your pain, improve your physical fitness and enhance your beauty. The focus in this place is on effective and innovative care for beauty, combating joints pain and improving your fitness.

Technologies that are equally revolutionary an efficient in a space designed to bring about body and mind renewal.


A technology developed to act on three levels. First, purifying the body through the deep infrared action. A phenomenon of detoxification takes place, thus allowing the in-depth toxins removal along with some heavy metals such as lead and aluminium. Other benefits?
Regenerating: Thanks to the long infrared emitted by this Japanese sauna, tensor effects are obtained providing better skin elasticity that it radiates light. Finally, IYASHI DOME affects one’s shape. It contributes to your slimming process thanks to actions previously initiated by the purification, the body and fat cells are cleared from “deflate” toxins’ overstock.



Cryotherapy is a cold treatment that is full of benefits.
An analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect, which relieves the pain related to a pathology or to physical activity practices.
A soothing effect, thanks to its action on the nervous system treating sleep disorder and reducing fatigue or stress.
A slimming effect, the body tapping into its energy resources to fight against the cold while burning many calories.



Known as Cellu M6, this 100% natural method can treat cellulite, localized fat and lack of firmness.
The Cellu M6 is equipped with a motorized roller system whose speed and direction of rotation adapts based on the type of cellulite and the desired result. The machine performs a lipomassage, or more simply a palpate rolling on the skin allowing fat deposits release and promoting blood circulation, and eventually improving the epidermis quality thanks to its action on the adipocytes.



The BodySculptor exCell + (GEN3) embodies the latest professional BodySculptor slimming devices generation, characterized by its enhanced efficacy. It combines the biomagnetic field and the controlled cutaneous micropression drainage method. This hands-free technique allows shape refining by reducing the fat mass through stimulating lipolysis biological mechanisms. The outcome? The slimming process is initiated and the fat reduced.



Redustim is based on the BioStimology® process, which aims to gradually eliminate, by Bio Energétique activation, the subcutaneous fat as well as the bad fat that is responsible for certain cardiovascular diseases, strokes, cancers and cases of females and males infertility.
The associated microprocessor allows effective drainage of the whole body and an improvement of the blood circulation. This painless technology is recommended for patients with high levels of obesity and difficulty in physical exertion.


A Shock Wave Therapy for a thorough muscles, tendons or joints care.

How does it work?
The shockwaves emit a high frequency impulse that the energy released on specific areas improves metabolism and blood circulation thus stimulating our body’s self-repairing mechanism.



How does it work?
Ultrasounds vibrate the tissues they are directed to during a short period of time. Frictions are similar to that of a micro-massage. Besides, Ultrasounds release heat that slows down or interrupts nerve conduction, resulting in decreased pain.

Who should opt for it?
Ultrasound therapy is very useful for reducing inflammation and pain in osteoarthritis, arthritis, spinal sequelae, elongations or body aches.



Reference with more than 1000 Centers equipped in the world in less than 2 years, WINBACK energy is a high frequency current oscillating between 300 KHz and 1 MHz accelerating the “natural regeneration” of biological tissues.
The low intensity makes it a totally non-invasive and 100% natural energy for the human body.

Who should opt for it?
TECAR therapy treats many pathologies in the worlds of physio, sport.



Huber Motion Lab is a unique technology that provides time to improve physical capabilities in a record time, while simultaneously supporting 90% of pathologies that usually require conventional rehabilitation.

How does it work?
It is a device that captures the strength of the upper body, detects and correct weaknesses. It is accessible for all and it meets a multitude of objectives through its 400 integrated exercises aimed at developing a personalized program to ensure one’s performance.



How does it work?
One of the latest innovations in terms of care, this table is filled with pleasantly heated Quartz beads that elegantly refines your shape.
The treatment protocol is unique, and includes the use of hot pouches, as well as Tibetan bowls whose vibrations pass through the quartz and resonate along your body.

What’s so particular about it?
It tilts forward, thus tilting your head down and allowing better oxygenation of the brain.



Designed by health professionals, Satisform center provides concrete solutions to the neuromuscular problem of functional rehabilitation and also the spine and lower limbs physical preparation. It improves flexibility, muscle performance and mobility and facilitates vertebral training.

How does it work?
It allows pelvic relaxations in the lumbar prophylaxis, as well as trophic improvement of the spinal joints, pelvis, hips and knees with regard to the principles of neuromuscular relaxation.

Who should opt for it?
It is therefore perfectly recommended in the context of functional re-education and the treatment of back pain, spine and joints.

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