Take control of the most precious of goods one has, your health

Preserve your health capital

At the heart of VICHY CELESTIN SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA, our health center, integrated in the Medical Spa composed of a multidisciplinary professional team, puts its skills to serve your well-being.
The goal behind Vichy Method is better management of your health capital through personalized support to optimize your health-nutrition-fitness-beauty capital, a comprehensive approach to individualized care.


Well-being and beauty are the mirror of your health

In this ethereal volume area, conducive to relaxation and reflection, our team gives you the keys to improve your fitness, to regain full form and beauty. On the fringe of the targeted consultations health center, Medical Spa offers ultra-high-performance cares, Signature Vichy cares, relaxation zones and sports activities, all of which are at provided for you to become in control of your health.
At the VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA’s Medical Spa, our team consists of :

• General practitioner
• Dietician
• Pharmacist
• Osteopath
• Physiotherapists
• Sports Coaches
• Patrician Spa
• Yoga Coach
• NLP Coaches

Our health director will meet you on the first day of your “Health” program.


Overall health

The VICHY CÉLESTINS’s exclusive concept of overall health meets the goal of a lasting vitality and is found daily, through an approach apprehending the individual of its entirety. Driven by innovation, Medical Spa develops synergistic care programs adapted to meet the needs of each individual..

At the heart of Vichy Method, each individual is taken into consideration. Each person has a unique program. Our team of specialists concoct protocols related to your health-nutrition form-beauty needs to provide a unique stay minutely.

With an approach based on analysis and dialogue, you are in control of your daily health.
Discover your resources, know your goals and needs, know how to respond appropriately, many benefits are gained by your stay at VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA.

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