A 3200 m² SPA equipped with the latest technologies is entirely dedicated to your well-being.

With a breath-taking view on the Atlantic Ocean, the luxurious VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA offers an exceptional setting where water and sea air play a vital role. We offer a space where the pure Vichy thermal medicine tradition know-how is provided.
Taking care of your body and mind is our leitmotiv. Come and enjoy a customized holiday stay. Upon arrival, our multidisciplinary team will accompany you to achieving your goals and meet your needs “Health, Nutrition, Fitness, Beauty”. Our experts are at your disposal to provide you with advice, monitoring, support and care. Our mission lies in helping you become aware and reflect on your lifestyle.

We want to share our “healthy” lifestyle philosophy and invite you to step out of your daily routine … We promise a stay where Relaxation, Letting go, Disconnection, and Well-being are the keywords.

The Well-being Clinic harmoniously combines “Signature” treatments, heirs of the pure tradition of the Vichy Resort (France), mineralizing treatments from Vichy Laboratories Institute, locally inspired Moroccan treatments, seawater treatments and programs, a Health center and sports activities. Inside the seawater pool, in cardio and fitness rooms, sport takes a completely different shape. That of pleasure and newfound form. The relaxation area consists of a large, lively pool, steam rooms, scrub rooms, a yoga studio, and a relaxation room.

Overlooking the resort with a garden view, bright and spacious, the gym is equipped in a way as to promote cardio exercise, a gentle and effective bodybuilding, and an extensive reshaping.

In this space dedicated to resume a progressive physical activity that is adapted to each individual, in accordance with your health-form-beauty objectives, group sessions are given by our team of highly qualified professionals.


A unique, comprehensive and individualized program that will meet your health, fitness and beauty needs. It is a matter of looking after your health capital by a holistic, personalized, participative and preventive approach.


At the heart of VICHY CELESTIN SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA, our health center, integrated in the Medical Spa composed of a multidisciplinary professional team, puts its skills to serve your well-being.


Available in your rooms are bathrobes and bath towels. Remember to have a swimsuit, antislip sandals (Also available at the SPA reception) and a complete sportswear so that you get the most out of sports facilities in cardio-training gyms..


Technologies that are equally revolutionary an efficient in a space designed to bring about body and mind renewal.

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