The urban life, with your feet in the water … Electric everywhere… Casablanca is a city of its time. Steeped in history, as evidenced by its ramparts and its typical medina where one can passionately get lost, downtown with an incomparable authenticity, it is furiously modern, an economic and country business crossroad. At a frantic pace, the four million Casablanca inhabitants roam the lively streets of the city, changing traits at each district. Dreamy on the edge of its Corniche ornamented with the majestic Hassan II Mosque hat’s open for visits, trendy and festive with restaurants and clubs going alongside the coast, turned to art and culture, gourmet, colourful and sound around the Habous neighbourhood, Casablanca is worth seeing.


A holiday destination facing the Sea Only at a few kilometres from Casablanca and Rabat, Bouznika beach, haven of peace rocked by the sea, welcomes its visitors to an enchanting coastline to practice multiple hobbies. Seaside activities, water sports, surfing or jet-skiing, hikes, cultural visits, gourmet getaways, the city of Bouznika and its beach attracts visitors through rival arguments, azure sky and waves with silver reflections in mind. In the calm air of Bouznika floats a delicate, dynamic marine perfume. Care to play golf in Casablanca? Located by VICHY CELESTIN SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA, the Bahia Golf Resort has a magnificent 18-hole course opening up onto the ocean. In this idyllic setting where green valleys meet the blue sea, your stay hovers above paradise.


Experience the magic At Bahia Golf Beach, days go by at your own pace. Take gold of the opportunity to wander the sumptuous gardens of the Resort or by the sea in the sweetness of the early morning. While children enjoy fun activities at the Kids Club, supervised by a specialized team, plan your day at your own pace, either between the tennis courts and omni sports, or the various swimming pools of the Resort. Just the place to live in and to go for in vacations, Bahia Golf Beach is home to VICHY CELESTIN SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA, with its gourmet restaurant for business or family meals, and a Medical Spa cultivating the art of well-being, crystallizing the feeling of fullness that life in Bahia Golf Beach brings about. Extending on the edge of the Resort, the corniche is ideal for long walks or jogging sessions. This 3 km-long beach is one of the most paradisiacal parts of the Resort, with a jetty that extends in the middle of the waves where you can indulge in the pleasures of fishing and contemplate the magnificent spectacle of sunsets over the ocean . As night falls, by the lamplight, the corniche is transformed into an intimate walk under the starry sky, providing moments of serenity just waiting to be seized.

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