Practical Information

Available to visitors Landscaped corniche, 18-hole golf course, integrated shop at the hotel by the sea, restaurants, swimming pools and all the points of interest to visit in nearby cities, Casablanca and Rabat.

The hotel is ideally located between Casablanca and Rabat. Cities are near the international airports, 45 km via the highway from each city.
The concierge desk helps you organize your shuttle from the hotel to the airport depending on the means of transportation you wish to use.
Flight Ticket
Our concierge is available to provide assistance with confirmation of your tickets and any other information related to your trip.
Please contact concierge service by calling Onetouch.
The Shop
Open every day, from 9am to 8pm, the shop is located at SPA VICHY CÉLESTINS front desk. Maison Les Célestins offers its visitors the best of their health-fitness-beauty stay in Morocco. On the one hand, regain the Vichy Mineralizing Water power captured in the highperformance cosmetic care of Vichy Laboratories, on the other hand, find a concentration of Moroccan creativity to offer or to be offered.

All Vichy Laboratories’ range of products
The power of mineralizing Vichy water for a stronger skin.
VICHY’s Mineralizing Thermal Water originates from the volcanic region of Auvergne. It infiltrates century after century in the fissures of the magmatic rock, from where it draws its unique powers.
During its millenary course, the VICHY mineralizing thermal water circulates up to 4000 meters deep and is loaded with 15 minerals, thus offering a unique variety of rare minerals.
Vichy Thermal Water’s mineral wealth is captured in all VICHY cares to get you every daily benefits of this natural treasure.

Memories from Morocco
are you lovers of the Moroccan touch ?
VICHY CÉLESTINS CASABLANCA hotel Shop selects the best of the Moroccan creative scene through a concept store dedicated to luxurious Moroccan craftsmanship.
Rich in tradition, Morocco is full of talent conceiving a thousand ways to revisit rites and know-how. Brands, labels and designers, as luxurious as they are confidential, invest on the Maison Les Célestins.
Fashion, accessories, jewelery, decorative objects, contemporary local craftsmanship is exhibited in this space that brings together the pieces of the most inspired designers and craftsmen.

Wake up call
Please contact reception if you wish to receive a wakeup call.
If you need video projectors and overhead projectors, please contact the Guest service by dialing Onetouch.
A babysitting service is available for your children. Please contact customer service 12 hours in advance by dialing Onetouch.
Luggage & instructions
If you want to put your items on consignment or if you need assistance with your luggage, the Guest service is there to help you. Please dial Onetouch to be put through.
Banquets & receptions
If you plan to organize professional or private events in VICHY CELESTIN SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA, the Commercial Department will study your request with the utmost care to better serve you. To contact the department, please dial Onetouch.
The hotel offers a laundry service 7 days a week and 24 hours a day.
Regular service : Please put your clothes in the laundry bag at the cupboard and list them on the tariff sheet then print your signature. If you drop your laundry before 10:00 am, it will be returned from 19:00 the same evening.
Express service : Please put your clothes between 9h and 15h in the laundry bag at the cupboard and list them on the tariff sheet then print your signature. If you expect to pick up your luggage after 16:00, a 50% surcharge will be charged.
Cash register
If you want to know the status of your billing in real time, the cash register will inform you accordingly. Please dial Onetouch to access this service.
Currency exchange is available at the front desk 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Exchange rates for major currencies are displayed at the reception. Please note that in accordance with local tax law, the hotel does not sell foreign currency. To request further assistance or information, please contact the front desk.
Air conditioning / heating
All rooms are equipped with central AC. A wall control panel allows you to adjust the temperature to your desires. To maximize the AC’s efficiency, it is advisable to keep doors, terraces and balconies closed.
A personal code chest is available in the closet of your room in case you wish to safeguard your valuables. Please note that the hotel declines any responsibility for the disappearance of any valuables or cash left in the room outside the safe.
Concierge Service
To request any assistance or information, our concierge will gladly assist you. You may
contact the concierge to seek information on: airline companies, airport transportation, car rental, visits to local destinations, couriers and stamps, restaurant reservations, shopping, theater, sports activities and other information about Casablanca and Rabat. Please contact the concierge service by dialing Onetouch.
Mail and messages
Whether you are expecting a message or wishing to send one outward: any message directed to you will be delivered immediately by hand or deposited in your room in case of absence.
For your mail, a mailbox is available at the Concierge Service.
Room must be vacated at noon. If you wish to extend your stay, please inform the front desk beforehand.
Dress Code
Our guests are kindly informed that wearing appropriate clothes is required in restaurants to respect the local culture. A proper fit is also desired for common bathing areas.
Potable water
The water available in your room is drinkable. It is recommended though to use the mineral water bottles provided in your room.
VICHY CELESTIN SPA HOTEL CASABLANCA is committed to a sustainable future.
Recycling, waste sorting and staff training are all implemented in this property. In terms of lighting, the hotel uses low-energy technology. You can consider using the environmental friendly option by having towels and sheets replaced every other day instead of every day.