A unique, comprehensive and individualized program that will meet your health, fitness and beauty needs. It is a matter of looking after your health capital by a holistic, personalized, participative and preventive approach.
Our health prevention set also offers you the opportunity to perform a medical check-up, in parallel with the care program you choose. Do not hesitate to ask us for it!
The Vichy Method for a well-being stay

Within the VICHY CÉLESTINS SPA, “Health, Fitness, Beauty” care programs are part of the pure Vichy medicine tradition revolving around 5 key and inseparable principles:

1- Medical Consultation and Nutritional Consultation

Consultations included in Health Programs
These are available as an option for Fitness and Beauty programs

2- “Signature” daily Care Trilogy

This soothing rendezvous includes three daily water treatments, in a carefully thought out order, to ensure lasting effectiveness.
The hydromassage bath and jet shower are alternated every other day. They are accompanied by a vegetal-mineral mud pack (rich in anti-inflammatory active ingredients) and a Vichy 2 or 4-hand massage.

3- Expert daily Care

We offer specific, targeted and adapted care programs acting in synergy to guarantee your “Health, Fitness and Beauty” objectives. One of our specialists will prescribe a daily tailored program meeting your expectations.
Iyashi Dome, Body Sculptor, Cryotherapy, Endermolift and LPG are part of the expert care that we offer.

4- Gradual Physical Activity, adapted and diligent

Such a thing is essential to balance your life. To practice your daily sports activity, we provide you with a cardio-training space, individual or group pilates and aquasport sessions are supervised by a professional sports coach.

5- Custom kitchen: Taste, pleasure and health

You can make your taste buds travel in the gastro-diet restaurant, Le Sense. It offers a healthy cuisine that is rich in flavors. The menu is designed by Chef S. Bontour specially for you.
You can pick up out of the Vichy Célestins water-cooked dishes.